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Sausage, eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast was a great idea! :) Moms still asleep, which means she'll probably be grumpy later. I dont want to be stuck home with a grump. -_- im so stuffed! Now to get lost in playing Zelda and secretly hoping Ali or T will text me. :p this time last year, I was texting myex. It was great. Even though he's moved on, and I'd like to think I am too, I still think about those times we had together. That's normal right?..maybe thinking about the past means im not over him...I dont even know. Perhaps I should hire a Love Doctor to diagnose me. Haha, that was cheesy. You know, I really dont like when people use the word corny. Unless its a name like Corny Collins from Hairspray. I love that movie. Both the new and the old one. Some people didn't even know there was an old on. Crazy, huh? Movies these days really suck. They just keep remaking spiderman. I love spiderman but they keep making movies about him and changing who plays spidey. Not right, another pet peev of mine...when directors change the main character. Its like whoa no, you cant do that and its not right. That annoys me sometimes...another thing...I am a horror movie fanatic, but geez America hasn't came up wjth a good horror movie since...a very long time. I honestly prefer foreign movies. Like Castaway On The Moon. Omigawsh, I love that movie. Its fantastic. Im sure you'll love this, The Human Centipede. The first and second one. Its a very f-cked up movie, but the storyline is just great! Or Taxadermia, (dont think I spelled that right), that movie is disturbing. But, I like it. Check out the trailer on Youtube. People say im messed up for liking movies like that, cryme a river. My preferred movie choices isnt any of your business and if it upsets you thag much, dont watch movies with me. Which wouldn't be very nice, I'd sit through any movie with you. I love all movie types. Anyway, I'm going tobrage it up some with Zelda!

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