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Other down side to my future wedding is not having my father-daughter dance. Another reason why I miss my Dad. He won't be able to see me grow, or my life. Its depressing to think about. Weddings overall make me depressed. Just a thought that crosses my mind, everytime I see the father daughter dance.They're lucky that they have that moment with their father. I wonder what everything would be like if he was still around. I believe everything wouldbe different..losing him was painful, and God knows I'd do anything to have him back or at least to talk to him. Tell him that after he passed away, he left a gap in my life that could never be refilled. Words couldn't describe any emotion I feel towards my fathers death. It was a pain that no nine year old should feel. I believe that moment, rhat day changed changed me. I matured quickly and I don't want to feel that relationships will ever be my thing. Is it possible that the pain of my fathers death caused me to have deep trust and commitment problems? Either way, father or not I guess ill always be this way..

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Posted on 08:21PM on Dec 22nd, 2012
no, you won't always feel this way. my niece and nephew lost there dad a couple years ago. my niece won't have her father to give her away on her wedding day, or that father-daughter dance. I hope I will be the one that gets the honor of doing that. and, who knows, maybe as we get to know each other better, I would be honored to give you away and dance with you too !
you're never alone, and you can work on the trust / commitment issues with me. I'm more than happy to help guide you in the right direction.
my heart goes out to you, and if you need words of comfort, you know where to find me. :)
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