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I have to babysit my niece and two puppies while doing my online schooling. Im not saying its saykng on three hours of sleep it might be. :l my mom was pissed when I told her about my puppy. Its like...I didn't get anything thing for Christmas. Its like screw getting me an ipad.Just let me have the god damn puppy. -___- somehow she always manages to make every argument about her. Last nights why cant I have the puppy argument turned into no one listens to me no one gives a shit. Well no one listens to you because you whine like that all the time. Gawd, I really dont think she gets it. I have NOTHING to do here in the middle of no where. They move me out, give me no internet, no cable, give me a room with a door that just will not shut and expect everything to be okay? Hell. NO. first off the bad move was moving us to that hole. Its so isolating out there. Its depressing. Second, I have no privacy! Which is something a teenager needs I mean seriously, I am not 5. Third, I cant do school online with no internet. Then you complain that im at my sisters too much and that I shouldnt go over there. She has internet. I can get it done there. Which results in her basically calling me a failure. That's star quality parenting right there. Sarcasm. I just dont understand how she manages to make everything about her. Puppies..her? That's just retarded. Anyway...she should be happy I haven't gotten into drugs. Keep calling me a failure and ill show you a failure. Bitch, ill give you a reason to call yourself a shitty mom. If there isnt a reason already.

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